Solo Tows & Services

Solo Hang Gliding

If you are already aerotow rated and in the Baltimore MD, Philadelphia PA, or Washington DC, area, Highland offers solo tows on a walk in basis during normal office hours. We have two Rotax 914 turbo charged Moyes Dragonflies to get you in the sky fast. All pilots must have an "AT" rating on their USHGA card unless you are approved by a known instructor.

With open fields as far as the eye can see on the Eastern Shore, there's great potential for new XC pilots. Our current distance record is held by Captain John Simon with 109 miles to the North.

Hang Gliders Setting Up Hang Gliding Above the Clouds

Solo Aerotow Price List

Tows Altitude Price
1 2,500 ft. $25.00
10 2,500 ft. $250.00*
1 800 ft. $15.00
1 5,000 ft. $55.00

*Recieve a $25.00 discount if you purchased your current glider with us.

Solo Equipment Rentals

Flight Day
Beginner/Novice Glider $20.00 $75.00
Intermediate/Advanced Glider $30.00 $95.00
Harness & Parachute $10.00 $35.00
Release NA $10.00

Miscellaneous Services

Labor Price
Glider Annual Inspectioin* $250.00
Parachute Repack $40.00
Miscellaneous Labor $50.00/Hour

*Includes sail removal from airframe, complete airframe inspection, and any labor required for repairs. Cost of replacement parts not included.

Glider Storage
Week $10.00
Month $20.00
Year $150.00